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Newborn Hearing Screenings

Sally Harrell’s Senate Campaign Video Highlights Newborn Hearing Screenings FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: press@sallyharrell.org Chamblee, Ga. (Sept. 22, 2018) – September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month. In recognition, Georgia Senate District 40 Candidate and former State Rep. Sally Harrell has released two videos (https://youtu.be/bmjXyDJwunE and https://youtu.be/c0BbCEV897s) highlighting the importance of newborn hearing screenings and their effect on Georgia […]

We Must Resist Or We Enable Injustice

Resistance: the refusal to accept or comply. For the past 20 months, we have seen time and time again the Republican Party put forth an agenda and push for policies that harm people, exclude those different from themselves, and make our society less physically safe and less financially secure for the majority of people. Where […]

Georgia’s Schools Need Our Help

Republican state legislators have taken to the airwaves claiming they finally got around to fully funding public education. But these legislators would benefit from going back to school themselves, to study their own legislative record. Since 2003, when Sonny Perdue (R) took office, they have cut $9.2 billion from our public schools. It will take […]

99 Days Left to Flip Georgia State Senate District 40

There are only 99 days until the General Election. There is much to do and many voters to reach. We’re committed to listening to all of the citizens in GA State Senate District 40, but this effort needs people power and financial contributions. We have 200 volunteers already working on our campaign — all of […]

Fran Millar Doesn’t Want YOU to Vote

Have you heard about the effort to purge more than half a million registered voters from voting lists? The reason? The voters haven’t voted in three years. Let’s call this what it is: partisan and racist voter suppression, and a violation of every Georgia citizen’s rights. But purging the voter rolls is only a small […]

Investing in Change

There is a very generous donor who sends a contribution every time I send an email. I started to worry about whether that person could afford it — whether all that generosity is worth it. But one of my volunteers said something that completely changed my perspective: “Sally, we are giving to your campaign because […]

200 Volunteers, One Goal: Flip District 40

This coming November marks the two year anniversary of the Trump presidency. Many of us feel tired. But we won’t just resign ourselves to a future that has yet to be written. We have 200 volunteers working on our campaign, and the list is growing. It’s not just a list of names — all of […]