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We Tripled the Democratic Turnout

For the first time since Senate 40 was drawn, Democrat primary ballots outnumbered Republican ballots, and it wasn’t even close! The spread was 18 points — 59% to 41% Looking at these primary results, it’s clear that voters are increasingly dissatisfied with Republican leadership, and they are ready to do something about it. In the […]

We Did It!

Our hard work has paid off. Results came in slowly last night, but by the early morning hours it became clear we had won — with 67% of the vote! And Democrat turnout shattered all expectations, pulling far ahead of Republicans in the district. And we did it with a team of over 100 volunteers. […]

Primaries Make Us Stronger

On May 23rd, Georgia’s 2018 primary will be over. And if you’re feeling like me (and you probably are), you’re ready to put this stage behind you. Through the years, I’ve seen Democrats fight hard to avoid having primaries. For one, primaries cost money – money that could be used to fight far-right Republican agendas. […]

A Track Record of Supporting Mothers and Babies

Earlier this week, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (Illinois) made history by bringing her newborn on to the United States Senate floor and casting a vote. The image brought back so many memories for me, and great pride in my wife Sally. It seems like only yesterday that Sally delivered our son in December 1999 – and […]

A Strong Government Can Support Basic Human Needs

A campaign supporter, Cherish, who lives in a north Atlanta suburb, shared this story with me as we discussed access to affordable healthcare on Facebook. Sadly, it isn’t the first and it won’t be the last example of how many in our community are frustrated, scared, and feel a little trapped by the failure of […]

Fighting Republican Voter Suppression

There’s something awesome about the collective feeling of everyone going to vote on the same day. We see old friends, we visit, and we feel a sense of community. The problem with this experience is that it leaves people out. I recognize that not everyone has the freedom to be able to vote within that […]

Working for Justice for ALL Georgians

Lately, I’ve seen our local politicians eagerly follow orders from the White House or the NRA or whatever other monied interests want – not what our communities want. Why else would they spend valuable time voting to punish Delta, one of our largest employers, for ending a financial relationship with the NRA? Why else would […]

Qualified to Represent You

I’m Ready! Monday, my campaign reached a milestone. I officially qualified to run for State Senate 40, Georgia’s most flippable Senate district! The primary will be May 22nd; the general, November 6th. I’m ready for a very busy 2018! I’ve missed being a part of public service in the legislature, and I’ve been preparing for […]