For the last few months, I’ve been quietly praying that the US Supreme Court would rule partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. But this week the court ducked the issue. And now it feels so much harder to make a positive difference. I’ve been sleepless at night pondering:

“How can we make our limited resources of time and money go further?” 

Answering this question requires strategy, sacrifice, and soul searching.

But doing even a small something is better than doing a whole lot of nothing.

One more progressive vote under the Gold Dome can stop a malicious bill from becoming a law. Electing a Democratic governor brings us a voice when district lines are next drawn for our state.

As individuals, we can’t quit our jobs and give all of our money away every time something tugs at our heartstrings. But one more donation to our campaign to take Senate 40 CAN keep the Georgia Senate Republicans from gaining the super-majority they need to push their far-right agenda. In just a few weeks, so many of you have donated that we have reached nearly 25% of our goal of having five-hundred people donate $100 each. Thank you!

During the next week, you’ll hear about why, as Georgia’s “most flippable State Senate district,” our campaign has the potential to send a powerful message across city, county, and state lines.

But most importantly, I’m hoping to convince you that what you are doing CAN and WILL make a difference.

I know you are ready to change the players and end this terrible game the far-right is playing with our country.

If you haven’t given yet, please consider donating $100 to help initiate that change now.  Give more or less as you are able, but please give.

And consider sharing this email with at least five friends you know can help.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

Make your contribution today, and let’s get one step closer to flipping Georgia State Senate 40.