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We Must Protect Our Children From Gun Violence

Have you heard the news today? Fran Millar and other GOP legislators are considering voting down a tax break for Delta because Delta doesn’t want to offer discounted fares to NRA members. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, chief among the conservatives in national news today, made his position very clear: if you “attack conservatives,” you should […]

Against the NRA, For the Children

Last week, I asked you to march with me to the Georgia Capitol for the Moms Demand Action Advocacy Day. You would think protecting our children from gun violence and mass shootings would be something we all can agree on. But our state government refused to turn on our microphones. We refused to be silenced […]

It Takes a Village to Create a Government that Reflects Our Values

Dear Supporters, They say, “it takes a village.” The adage certainly applies to political campaigns! This week we filed our formal January 31 campaign finance disclosure. Our report says that, together, we have raised more than $115,000 to challenge incumbent Fran Millar in State Senate 40, Georgia’s most flippable senate district. To say this is […]

Moms Demand Action Against Mass Shootings

It has happened again. I heard audio clips of the shots being fired — they were fast, they were constant, and they kept going. I’m even more outraged. This should not be possible. So, I’m marching. Will you join me? Moms Demand Action, Wednesday, February 21, 2018, Georgia State Capitol, 10am – 1pm. Wear red. […]

You Can Help Us Get Our Message Out to Voters

Campaigns have gotten more expensive over the past 20 years. I won my first race for the Georgia House with $20,000. But to flip the 40th State Senate district this year, we need to raise at least $300,000. Direct mail is still the best way to get our message to voters. Each direct mail piece […]

Becoming a Light for Tomorrow

We have a tradition in our church of lighting a candle for each Sunday of Advent — the season of preparation for Christmas. The first candle we light each year symbolizes Hope. Hope is a state of one’s own mind not a state of the world. Hope is based on one’s own heart.  –Vaclav Havel […]

We Must End Exploitative Labor Practices in Georgia

It’s in the 50’s outside in Embry Hills and I’m in the produce section of the grocery store, picking up ingredients for Thanksgiving. When I see the cucumbers, I’m brought back to a scorching day in June on a south Georgia farm that had barbed wires and security gates. Each year, my church takes a […]

Preserving the Rights of Women and Their Families

Like most parents, Jay and I hope that our teenagers grow up making good choices. We want them to learn how to take care of themselves (do their own laundry) and plan for their futures. We want them to grow into responsible, contributing members of their community. But honestly, during the past few months, we’ve […]

Healthcare is a Human Right

Last week, I suffered a medical emergency — my retina began peeling away from the back of my eye. Fortunately, my healthcare worked for me, and I am on the road to recovery. But I am well aware that this would not have been the outcome for millions of Americans in the same situation. Too […]

We Can’t Give Up Trying to Stop Mass Shootings

This has been a hard week. It seems too much to bear to hear the news of another mass shooting. Many people I’ve spoken with are overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s tempting to crawl into a hole and tune it all out. But we can’t stop trying to make a safer future. So much is still […]