This coming November marks the two year anniversary of the Trump presidency. Many of us feel tired. But we won’t just resign ourselves to a future that has yet to be written.

We have 200 volunteers working on our campaign, and the list is growing. It’s not just a list of names — all of these people have given their time and talent in specific ways to help out. And we’ve met 10% of our goal of having 500 donors each contribute $100 before the June 30th Finance Report deadline.

We are working to win. And we are going to win in this election and the next, because we are building an organization of really engaged voters who are ready and able to mobilize and make their voices heard.

School shootings can be prevented. Healthcare can be more affordable and available for all.

Cleaner air is possible. Raising the minimum wage won’t hurt our economy and we can’t let our politicians keep spreading this myth and preventing so many people in our community from the chance to achieve greater financial stability.

Will you join us? Are you ready to find strength in numbers and a shared purpose?

We need volunteers for outreach and we need money for direct mail. Sign up on our volunteer page and let us know how you want to help. And donate if you can – every bit helps! Better yet, join our effort to get 500 people to give $100. Talk a friend or family member into giving too.

Winning this district is within reach, and will lessen the reach of Georgia’s far-right.

No matter what, don’t get tired.

Don’t lose faith. Don’t give up.