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Using a Megaphone Being political means taking a risk and using your voice to communicate a shared vision based on values. For me, using the Senate to amplify my voice has been a journey of growth! New Video Launch: I’ll be honest, I’d much rather write a newsletter than record a video. But young people take […]

The Georgia Senate Goes to the Salon A Bad Hair Day A touch of humor erupted this week on the Senate floor Monday morning that lightened my load. Cosmetology Licensing: Last summer a Senate Study Committee conducted a critical review of all Georgia’s licensing laws. Out of that work came SB 354, which proposes to eliminate […]


Politics Under the Gold Dome are Heating Up Republicans and Medicaid Expansion – Is There a Spark of Interest? There’s been some talk recently about a handful of Republicans in the Georgia House who’ve voiced support for expanding Medicaid. And indeed, the Speaker of the House, Jon Burns, actually brought up the subject in his […]


A Health Update: Sally and the State of Georgia COVID Knocks Me Off My Feet Remember all those crowds I told you about last week? No surprise that COVID was lurking around, and sadly, it found me for the first time. I tested positive Monday morning and spent most of the week in bed. Friends […]

Not for the Faint of Heart High Alert Security was on the minds of those who entered the Georgia Capitol Monday morning for the 2024 legislative session. Greeted at the door by a State Trooper, Sen. Josh McLaurin and I were asked to walk through the metal detectors, despite flashing our “Senator” badges which would […]

Bomb Threat at the State Capitol Yesterday six State Capitol buildings, including Georgia, received bomb threats. Although building searches determined the email messages were hoaxes, the threat is real. Since Christmas, several of my colleagues in the Senate have been “swatted,” which means someone called the police reporting a horrible crime, giving an elected official’s […]

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