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If we win, what next?

If you are like me, you are feeling extremely anxious right now. Will voters be safe Tuesday? Are we going to win? When will we know? If we do win, how are Trump and his followers going to react? As we fasten our seat belts for this wild ride, remember that we are all in […]

The Medicaid Expansion That Wasn’t

Kemp Doesn’t Care Last week, Governor Kemp stood before the steps in Georgia’s capitol, with Trump’s CMS appointee Seema Verma by his side, to announce the federal government’s approval of his Medicaid Waiver Plan. The Governor’s slickly worded presentation almost had me believing that he could cure Georgia of its 1.4 million uninsured. He spun […]

Our Future Has Yet to be Written

Right Now It’s Bad. For most of my life, I’ve heard the Republican Party spin doomsday scenarios should Democrats gain political control. They’ve claimed the economy would suffer due to higher taxes and big government. Affordable Care Act death panels would hand out death sentences to those unworthy of healthcare.  Al Qaeda would gain influence […]

Some Voices More Welcome than Others?

I firmly believe that we must have a diversity of voices to ensure a thriving democracy. It follows that to protect our country from tyranny, we must make voting easily accessible to everyone. Two years ago on election night, my campaign volunteers retrieved vote counts directly from all 48 precincts throughout the district. When totaled, […]

2020’s Last Stand

“Do not get lost in a sea of despair.  Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime.” –John Lewis, 1940 – 2020 2020’s Last Stand When the pandemic started last March, we dealt with uncertainty by […]

Do not wait until the last day to vote!

As the most important election of our lifetime approaches, it is critical to get this message out: “Do not wait until the last day to vote!” Request an absentee ballot now, or make a plan to vote early in-person. I want to get this word out to 20,000 Democrats in Senate 40, but the $10,000 […]

Vote by Dropbox – Request your Ballot ASAP!

Vote by Drop Box You don’t need to use the United States Post Office to cast your vote. Nor do you need to vote In-Person using one of Georgia’s expensive new touchscreen machines. As Karen Mixon, 1st Vice Chair of the DeKalb Democrats says, “Drop Boxes are one of the most powerful weapons to fight […]

Stop the Evictions

Labor Commissioner Mark Butler Spurns Legislators This week, Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) Commissioner Mark Butler cancelled his call with the Senate Democratic Caucus, saying: “Due to threats to protest at the Commissioner’s personal residence by members of the Democratic Caucus and the recent protests that almost started a riot at a GDOL location, we […]

Hope Isn’t Cancelled

Hope Isn’t Cancelled Georgia’s Governor is running our state like an authoritarian dictatorship, and it’s not sitting well with local leaders. In a recent AJC “Power Poll”, respondents made it clear that local elected leaders should be able to protect their communities with public health ordinances that are more strict than the Governor’s orders. As […]

I Cannot Be Quiet

I cannot be quiet and do my job. Many of you helped me get elected, and the “Senator” you put in front of my name now amplifies my voice. A couple weeks ago I told you about Georgians who have not yet received their unemployment benefits and are struggling to survive. Their pleas have still […]