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Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #12

Action item: Call (404-656-1776) or write Governor Kemp to let him know we need a technical college next to the Doraville MARTA station in North Dekalb. I have once again secured $4 million in the Senate budget to purchase the land for an expansion of Georgia Piedmont Technical College, but the Governor has the power […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #11

Political Hijinks “It’s that time at the Capitol when bills are flying so fast that sometimes lawmakers don’t even know what’s in them.” — Axios Atlanta End of Session Escapades Last year just before midnight on Sine Die, Republicans waived their own rules, forcing Senators to vote on a bill no one had laid eyes […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #10

Chamber Theatrics Late this week, the curtain came down on Legislative Day 35, which means there are only five more Legislative Days until Day 40 — Sine Die. At this point, the Senate and House have begun their traditional backstage brawl — fighting over how many Senate bills the House has passed, and how many […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #9

Hurricane Crossover-Day The speed at which bills move through the legislative process in the Georgia General Assembly has averaged around 2 – 5 bills per day (bpd) since January. However, the pace increased considerably last Thursday, when we experienced a gust of 26 bpd. Monday, with Hurricane Crossover in full force, we hit 75 bpd. […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #8

It’s a Numbers Game Sometimes numbers stick in my brain and sometimes they don’t. This year alone, legislators have filed 955 Bills and 662 Resolutions. So if you bring a bill to my attention just by its number, I’m going to say, “Tell me what the bill does.” After Crossover Day this Monday, some bills […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #7

Flash Flood Warning I wasn’t in the mood this week to listen to Majorie Taylor Greene address the Senate about transgender youth, so I sought solace outside the chamber. Caught up in the moment, I completely forgot the Senate Page Program has been reactivated, so instead of quiet, I was swamped by a flood of […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #6

Mustering the Troops North DeKalb Legislative Town Hall: Join me, Senator Sally Harrell, and Dekalb House Reps Scott Holcomb, Karen Lupton, Shea Roberts and Long Tran, Thursday, February 23rd, 7 pm in the Arrow Creek Room oat 4445 Buford HIghway in Chamblee. Register here.   Indivisible Marching Buddies Legislative Update: If you need a virtual option, […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #5

A week of Fits and Starts This week the legislature felt like a car engine that wouldn’t quite turn over. Bills were moving at a good little clip, then sputtered to a stop. On Tuesday while debating a couple of bills, a security alarm went off. We started to evacuate, but the Sergeant-at-Arms said it […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #4

Back to School Edition Getting enough sleep during the legislative session can be tough. Even when I’m sleeping, I dream about what happened the day before. This week I had the classic “I forgot to go to class” dream, which made me realize that lately, the legislature has been feeling more like school than a […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #3

The Senate is Starting to Roll . . . For three weeks, office-less freshman legislators have roamed the halls looking for a place to land. I’m happy to report that finally, everyone has an office! While the Senate hasn’t had a single floor vote yet on an actual bill, Committees, County Delegations, and various Caucuses […]