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People or Machines — Who do YOU trust with your Ballot?

One of the things Democrats and Republicans can all agree on is that Georgia’s voting machines need to be replaced. They were purchased in 2002 and use a Windows 2000 operating system. Windows 2000 is so old, Microsoft doesn’t support it any more! What’s more, these old clunkers don’t even provide a paper trail for […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #7

The Importance of Persistence Last year, a campaign volunteer made me a bracelet bearing the famous phrase “Nevertheless, she persisted.” This week, I wore that bracelet to the Capitol because I knew we were in for a tough week. Being part of the minority party is much more challenging than being in the majority like […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #6

Next Saturday, March 2nd, I will be presenting, along with Stephanie Ali of the ACLU, at “Citizen Power!” hosted by Indivisible Marching Buddies of Atlanta. Join us Saturday, March 2nd, 10:30am – 12:30pm at the Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Library, 5234 LaVista Road, Tucker. We will be presenting on how a bill becomes a law, and […]

Georgia’s Healthcare on Life-Support

Last week, a constituent thanked me for my regular updates because before he got them, he thought what happens at the Capitol seemed “secret.” What we do is open and public, but we still have to be on high alert for things that aren’t as transparent as they should be. Right now, we have to […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #5

Georgia’s Health is on my Mind Come share a cup of coffee in person at my next Coffee Chat with Sally. We’ll be in Dunwoody at the Georgetown Starbucks at 10 am on Saturday, February 23. It’s just a casual conversation about whatever’s on your mind. Bring your friends and neighbors. We’ll also soon be […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #4

Let the Real Work Begin The first ten days of the session have been packed with ritual, rule-setting, and resolutions. So far, only a handful of bills have made it through Committee and onto the House and Senate floor for votes. But that’s all about to change this coming week. The official session schedule has […]

Repeal Campus Carry

This week, I filed my legislation, SB50, repealing the “Campus Carry” law that allows licensed gun owners to bring guns onto Georgia’s public college campuses. “Campus Carry” was a very controversial bill that legislators on both sides opposed, and Governor Deal originally vetoed. Yet, despite the broad reservations against “Campus Carry,” the law went into […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #3

The Nation’s Eyes are on Atlanta! With Super Bowl weekend approaching, legislative leadership on both sides of the aisle want to ensure positive press — so rumor has it that the filing of controversial bills has been put off until after Super Bowl weekend. Note: Keep this in mind next week and and be ready […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot #2

Recess Doesn’t Mean Break Time This week the legislature was in recess, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t working! Georgia’s Constitution limits the length of the legislative session to 40 days, which isn’t really long enough, so we take “breaks” to concentrate on committee work. Even though I’ve been working for two weeks, we’ve only […]

A Tribute to Hope

This weekend, I was honored to attend several observances of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy, including Georgia’s official annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute. Let Freedom Ring! Of the many memories and calls to action shared this weekend, I took particular inspiration from Dr. King’s ability to love people even as they exemplify […]