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Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #6

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff We’re almost to the halfway point of this year’s legislative session, and there’s a bunch of stuff happening. Some of it’s upsetting, while some of it is just plain silly. One of my tasks as a legislator is to sort the big stuff from the small stuff, so I can […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #5

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping Into the Future Monday will be Day 16 of Georgia’s 40-day legislative session. This past week, the Capitol hallways started to get a pre-pandemic feel as hundreds of 4H students and Girl Scouts poured in. Honestly, I would like the air to be a bit fresher before the crowds […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #4

Get Mad and Get Moving! I love serving in the Georgia Senate, but it’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks. I’ve been thinking about how the words “emotion” and “motivation” share the same Greek root, “moti,” which means “move.” I’m feeling moved into action, but the reality is that we […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #3

What is Courage? Each morning the Senate is in session, we stand together to say the Pledge of Allegiance. We then make a ritualistic turn to the right, face the Georgia flag, and say the Georgia Pledge of Allegiance. In doing so, we reference the Georgia state motto: wisdom, justice and moderation. The three pillars […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #2

A Little Inside Baseball: The Georgia Budget The sole constitutional requirement of the Georgia legislature is to pass a balanced, annual budget. This translates into two bills, both of which must originate in the State House. The “little budget” amends and updates the current fiscal year budget that ends June 30, 2022. The “big” 2023 […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #1

Fasten your Seatbelts . . . The first action-packed week of the 2022 Georgia Legislative session felt like taking off in a supersonic jet plane. With every legislator up for re-election this year, many are eager to arrive at our final destination, Sine Die, so they can continue along their campaign paths. It promises to […]

Our Democracy is Worth Fighting For!

We will not quit! 2022 is an election year. And with it comes the rush to pass extreme, far-right bills as Republican candidates push to come out on top in Republican primaries. As one of my constituents said to me, “Sally, Republicans are making it easier to carry and harder to vote.” I am ready […]

As Low as it Goes

The gerrymander is final and the playing field has been set for the next decade. But what is at stake is no game. On behalf of all the voices the gerrymandered maps silence, we must get back to work. Georgia simply cannot afford another lost decade. Students need to learn, gaps in healthcare must be […]

Everything was going just as expected. Until it wasn’t

Everything was going just as expected. Until it wasn’t . . . We have hit the halfpoint for Georgia’s once-in-a-decade Special Session on Redistricting and everything is going as expected. The Senate map has passed the Senate (but not the House) and the House map has passed both chambers, awaiting signature by the Governor. Work […]

Under Cover of the World Series

Under Cover of the World Series If you want to sneak something through the legislature with no one noticing, do it while the Braves are playing in the World Series. That’s exactly what the Senate Republicans did Tuesday night when they quietly published their proposed Senate district map on the Georgia General Assembly Redistricting Office […]