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Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2023 #2

In the Weeds with Georgia’s Budget “There is nothing that we will do in this building that directly touches your constituents more than this document.” — Senate Appropriations Chair Blake Tillery Week Two: Word spread through the halls — “The budget’s out!” Legislators queued up to get their inch-thick, spiral bound copy of the Governor’s […]

Choose Hope

To be hopeless — Dishonors those who have come before us, And abandons those who come after us. It is therefore our duty to Choose hope At the Dunwoody 4th of July parade Monday, I shared with Congressman Hank Johnson how I have struggled for over a week to write this email. He responded in […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 Sine Die!

Is There a Storm Brewing? That eerie feeling just before a spring storm, when the air is warm and still. Sine Die, the last day of the session, always makes me nervous. It’s a very long day and bills that have been dormant since the year before can reappear without notice. This year, big ticket […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #12

What’s Behind the Green Door? Back when I served in the House (1999 – 2005), I’d hear a lot of talk about the “Green Door Committee.” Somehow I pictured that these old-time, cigar smoking legislators made their final deals in a secret upstairs room located in the recesses of the Gold Dome behind an old […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #11

Driving Toward the Finish Line Who’s In the Driver Seat? Sine Die is one week away and major proposals still hang in the balance. So, you might ask, “Who’s in the driver’s seat?” So far it’s been Governor Kemp who put the pedal to the metal, accelerating his campaign platform. But now it’s clear that […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #10

To boldly go where no one has gone before! Captain’s Log Stardate 22-03-18.16: Day 31 of our journey into Georgia’s 40-day legislative session. Throughout our mission, the terrain has been treacherous with daily incoming fire from the Republicans. Their goal is to maintain power by keeping their base angry and afraid. Their ultimate victims are […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #9

The Georgia Midterms Take Shape  There was a celebratory atmosphere at the Capitol this week as candidates came to qualify to be on the ballot for this year’s midterm election. Tuesday was an especially exciting day as I qualified the same day that Stacey Abrams qualified for her bid to become the first black female […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #8

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” — Admiral David Farragut There are moments in war when you are so outnumbered, the only thing you can do is fight like hell. This must be how the Ukrainian people feel, and this week their dogged perseverance has inspired me to keep the fight going at the Gold […]

Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2022 #7

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” — John Steinbeck, “Once There Was War” It’s been hard to watch the images coming from Ukraine — families fleeing their homes and bravely risking their lives for their country — and it’s only the beginning. This invasion is an unjust aggression at […]