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Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2020 #11

This Father’s Day, I remember how proud my dad was when I won my election to the Georgia Senate, but if he were with us today, he would have been ringing his hands at the thought of me returning to work. It was a rough week at Georgia’s State Capitol. After three months of mostly […]

The Legislature Goes Back To Work

Back to Work, 2020 Style On March 12th, 2020, the legislature was suspended on day 29 of a 40 day session. On June 15th, three months later, the Georgia General Assembly will return to work to finish the last ten days of the legislative session. How the Next Ten Days Will Work During the time […]

Protests Are Needed To Disrupt Our Comfort

Demonstrations and protests during a pandemic are unsettling. Many have asked me, “what can we do?” To start, we need to listen to black people. Last week, my neighbor Deontez Winbley published an essay on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s news website about the need to be uncomfortable, and he has given me permission to reprint it […]

Will Georgia Pass a Hate Crimes Bill?

Like many of you, I watched as Atlanta and so many other cities across the country erupted with raw rage and grief at the racist murders of black men and women. The murderers who committed these crimes did so with the knowledge that our justice system is rigged to protect them. Let that sink in. […]

Time to Take Stock

The poppy, like Memorial Day, reminds us to reflect on the legacy of our fallen soldiers. But this Memorial Day weekend the Boy Scouts aren’t out putting flags on graves. Kids have already been out of school since March. And families aren’t excitedly waiting for the gates of swimming pools to swing open so they […]

Time to Get Out the Vote!

Action One: Help Someone Apply to Vote-by-Mail This week is “Vote-by-Mail Week”, and the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) set a goal of helping 70,000 voters apply for Vote-by-Mail ballots. On Friday they had already assisted 67,859 people, so they increased their goal to 80,000. Help blow-the-top off their goal by reaching out to people […]

Curve Balls and Motherhood

Curve Balls & Motherhood There’s a dose of bittersweet about Mother’s Day this year. Missing are the usual celebratory brunches, ornate corsages proudly worn at worship services, and lively family gatherings. Yet I can’t recall a year when it’s been more important to love our mothers, as the last few months have sent many of […]

Voting During a Pandemic

Voting During a Pandemic In 2019, the legislature appropriated well over 100 million dollars in bond funding to purchase new, state-of-the-art touch screen voting machines. I opposed the purchase of these machines for a long list of reasons, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what a bad idea touch screen voting would […]

Too Soon to Tell

Elections & COVID-19: A Virtual Town Hall On Tuesday April 28, at 6pm, please join me, State Representative Beth Moore, and Gwinnett County Commissioner Ben Ku, for a public online program entitled “Elections & COVID-19: A Gwinnett Virtual Town Hall.” Coronavirus has changed a lot of things, including the ways we safely and securely conduct our […]

Conflicting Messages

Conflicting Messages Last week we were doing just fine focusing on preparations for Georgia’s COVID-19 peak. As Governor Kemp said, “On the back side of this we can focus on opening back up, but not yet.” Then, with the President’s release of his “Opening Up America Again” guidelines, the news cycle did a cartwheel, leading […]