Gearing Up

Welcome to Sally’s Senate Snapshot 2020! It’s an enormous election year with so many important offices to fill, not the least of which is the Oval Office.  But we must remember that what we’ve done together the last three years to increase civic engagement is just as important to our democracy as what happens in the White House.

Our system of government works better when citizens are actively engaged, so I encourage you to get involved and BE LOUD on issues that are important to you. During the legislative session, our weekly “Senate Snapshot” will give you an insider’s view of what’s happening under the Gold Dome.


Getting Ready

Georgia’s State Constitution mandates that our General Assembly begin its session the second Monday of January, which this year is the 13th. This year I expect the 40-day session to move quickly, ending by late March, as legislators return home to campaign for the May 19th primaries. The first priority will be to pass a state budget, which is the only thing our constitution requires of the General Assembly. This will be a tough budget year with tax revenue down and an already lean budget. We’ll have more details about that next week.

This year, my legislative agenda has very much been shaped by input from my constituents. The rising cost of healthcare and higher education, concerns about our earth’s future, and the safety and well-being of our children are all issues I’ll be tackling. I’m excited to share more in the weeks ahead.


Amy SwygertGreet the Team

Given the priority I’m placing on communications, I’m happy to report that Amy Swygert will be joining me again this year as my Communications Director. Amy has nearly three decades of communications experience that she’ll be using to keep all of you informed and to help amplify my work. Amy often helps me cover bases when I can’t be available. You can reach her at

Laurie Lanning, who has been a devoted volunteer since the beginning of my campaign, will serve as my Political Director this session. She’ll be keeping her ear to the ground and monitoring the issue based messages we get from you. You can reach Laurie at

Keridan Ogletree joins the team as Administrative Assistant to both me and Senator Tonya Anderson. Keridan is a Georgia native and recent Georgia State political science graduate. Keridan will be on the front lines answering phone calls and helping to address constituent needs. You can reach her at (404) 463-2260 or

We love to have guests! If your schedule allows, please come and visit us at the Capitol!


Giving the Green

Lastly, beginning Monday I cannot accept political contributions until after the session is over. So if you’d like to donate, please do so by midnight Sunday January 12th. Qualifications to get on the ballot for the 2020 elections begin March 5th, so this is our last chance to discourage serious opponents by filling up our coffers.