Lately, I’ve seen our local politicians eagerly follow orders from the White House or the NRA or whatever other monied interests want – not what our communities want. Why else would they spend valuable time voting to punish Delta, one of our largest employers, for ending a financial relationship with the NRA? Why else would Fran Millar vote in committee in favor of an English-only bill that would make it harder for some of our legal residents and citizens to access government services?

Let’s be honest – today’s White House is not where Georgians can find good examples of leadership based on strong values and respect for basic human rights.

And while Fran Millar is busy advocating for allowing religious discrimination in our foster care system, we are being distracted from what really matters to our communities: compassion, prosperity, and justice.

Let’s change the dialogue and get back to the real business of government. As your State Senator, I will keep focus on justice for ALL our residents, no matter the language they speak.