There are only 99 days until the General Election. There is much to do and many voters to reach. We’re committed to listening to all of the citizens in GA State Senate District 40, but this effort needs people power and financial contributions.

We have 200 volunteers already working on our campaign — all of these people have given their time and talent in specific ways to help out. And we’ve met over half of our goal of having 500 donors each contribute $100.

On this day, marking 99 days from the election, how will you contribute?

Will you give $99? Donate what you can – every bit helps us reach more voters!

Or can you sign up on our volunteer page to give some of your time at a meet and greet, helping call voters, or participating at a postcard party?

Winning this district is within reach. We can lessen the power of Georgia’s far right – one district at a time.

Will you join us? Are you ready to find strength in numbers and a shared purpose?


For the last few months, I’ve been quietly praying that the US Supreme Court would rule partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. But this week the court ducked the issue. And now it feels so much harder to make a positive difference. I’ve been sleepless at night pondering:

“How can we make our limited resources of time and money go further?” 

Answering this question requires strategy, sacrifice, and soul searching.

But doing even a small something is better than doing a whole lot of nothing.

One more progressive vote under the Gold Dome can stop a malicious bill from becoming a law. Electing a Democratic governor brings us a voice when district lines are next drawn for our state.

As individuals, we can’t quit our jobs and give all of our money away every time something tugs at our heartstrings. But one more donation to our campaign to take Senate 40 CAN keep the Georgia Senate Republicans from gaining the super-majority they need to push their far-right agenda. In just a few weeks, so many of you have donated that we have reached nearly 25% of our goal of having five-hundred people donate $100 each. Thank you!

During the next week, you’ll hear about why, as Georgia’s “most flippable State Senate district,” our campaign has the potential to send a powerful message across city, county, and state lines.

But most importantly, I’m hoping to convince you that what you are doing CAN and WILL make a difference.

I know you are ready to change the players and end this terrible game the far-right is playing with our country.

If you haven’t given yet, please consider donating $100 to help initiate that change now.  Give more or less as you are able, but please give.

And consider sharing this email with at least five friends you know can help.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

Make your contribution today, and let’s get one step closer to flipping Georgia State Senate 40.


There is a very generous donor who sends a contribution every time I send an email. I started to worry about whether that person could afford it — whether all that generosity is worth it.

But one of my volunteers said something that completely changed my perspective: “Sally, we are giving to your campaign because it’s ours. We are invested in this fight.”

When we see immigrant families ripped apart in Texas and feel ashamed about our country, we choose to invest in change.

When we have to look our children in the eye and tell them we don’t know if we can keep them safe at school, we choose to invest in change.

When we see racist policies preventing people of color from voting, and entire communities under constant threat of disproportionate prosecution from our justice system, we choose to invest in change.

Our campaign doesn’t have big interests like corporate PACs backing us. It’s going to be a tough fight to win against the thousands of dollars the GOP will spend to stay in power. But we have something just as powerful. We have you.

And the GOP machine underestimates how invested you are winning this fight. We have met 15% of our goal of having 500 donors contribute $100 each. Thank you for what you have done and let’s keep it up. Give more or less as you are able, but, one way or another, invest in the fight.

And if you can’t give financially, forward this email to a progressive friend who can. Or volunteer. But please, invest in change.


As the Democratic nominee for the most flippable State Senate district in Georgia, I know I’ve got a long climb ahead of me. And it’s a little scary. But the first thing they tell you in rock climbing applies to politics too – don’t look down, look up.

While I’m afraid of heights, I still enjoy rock climbing. Just look at this picture of me climbing an 80-foot cliff in the Ozarks! I’ve taken up rock climbing as a sport to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a bit like our race to the general election.

Since my last email a few days ago, we’re 5% closer to our end-of-the-month goal of having 500 people give $100 each. Thanks for all of you who have given! June 30th is a major Finance Report deadline and we have a winning plan. While Democratic Primary turnout doubled statewide since 2014, we tripled turnout in Senate 40 and Democratic ballots outnumbered Republican ballots for the first time, 59% to 41%.

This is our chance to be a voice for affordable healthcare, economic equality, debt-free college education that can be paid for with a minimum wage job, safe and affordable public schools in all communities, criminal justice reform, decriminalizing marijuana, and for a transportation plan that embraces sustainable, clean-energy initiatives.

Like the rock cliff in the Ozarks — I see a steep climb ahead. But, when we make it to the top, a more equitable future will be in sight.

I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

Please give outside your comfort zone.

Help us reach the top!

Will you donate $100 today?

Please click “Donate” at and make your $100 contribution today.


For the first time since Senate 40 was drawn, Democrat primary ballots outnumbered Republican ballots, and it wasn’t even close! The spread was 18 points — 59% to 41%

Looking at these primary results, it’s clear that voters are increasingly dissatisfied with Republican leadership, and they are ready to do something about it.

In the May primary, Democratic statewide turnout doubled from the last midterm. But here in Senate 40, we more than tripled the Democratic turnout.

We have shown that our plan and approach works, and we can deliver the votes. We have also shown without a doubt that this district should have a Democrat Senator and that it can be won — if we can get our message out to enough voters.

The June 30th Campaign Finance deadline is around the corner and sets the tone for November’s general election. We need 500 people to give an average of $100 each so we get our message to 50,000 voters. Or give less and check the “recurring donation” box. We need everyone to be part of the solution!

Take action today to ensure that we change the players at the Gold Dome. It’s the only way we can change the policies.

Please click “Donate” at and make your $100 contribution today.