Bomb Threat at the State Capitol

Yesterday six State Capitol buildings, including Georgia, received bomb threats. Although building searches determined the email messages were hoaxes, the threat is real.

Since Christmas, several of my colleagues in the Senate have been “swatted,” which means someone called the police reporting a horrible crime, giving an elected official’s home address. Police in swat gear then show up ready to take action. One of my colleagues who has a young child was swatted — her family had to exit their home with their hands up.

2024 is going to be a hellacious year for politics and Georgia will be in the center of it. I am ready to serve, but I need your help.

A few days after Christmas, federal district court Judge Jones ruled that the Republican redistricting maps drawn during the November special legislative session meet the demands of his order. These maps target several Democratic leaders and change the borders of many Democratic districts. Not only do I need YOUR help, but several of my colleagues need MY help.

Now is the time to stand up and take charge!

The 2024 Georgia General Assembly begins Monday, January 8th, and I cannot accept contributions while in session, so please consider making a re-election donation to my campaign NOW. By the time session ends in early April, we will be just weeks away from the primary elections.

Thank you for all your support through the years. I am strong, committed, and ready to act to protect our schools, your reproductive freedom, your voting rights and your safety. We are all in this together!

Sally at the Capitol

Donate before Jan 8 at: