The 6th district special election is set

It is my goal for a progressive Democrat to win the 6th district, but it has always been my mission to help my party develop a platform that addresses the economic struggles of the middle class. To that end, I saw this special election as a way to test a new message prior to the 2018 elections. That message has been warmly received by those who have heard it and the campaign has gained incredible traction. However, the special election timeline is moving fast, and another Democratic candidate was able to utilize Washington connections to raise very large sums of money extremely quickly. Put simply, our campaign cannot compete, and to move forward at this point would not be a test of message, but of money. For that reason, I have decided that it is in the best interest of my party and the progressive cause to not compete in the special election this spring.


During the special election, I will change my focus to voter education and local get-out-the-vote efforts in order to increase the likelihood for a Democrat to win this seat. Then, depending on the outcome of the election, we can utilize our resources to either go forward with my candidacy in District 6 in 2018, or perhaps in another race where my candidacy and message can make a difference.


To my supporters, I want to thank you for your encouragement. I am committed to being an advocate for progressive change that utilizes public policy to improve people’s lives, and I assure you that there are opportunities now and in the near future to continue building on what we have started. I am honored by the trust you have put in me and I thank you for contributing to the progressive cause.